This web site should be seen as a snapshot of the state of research in January 2022. The number of scripts could change in the future due to further research.

For the following elements it is not certain if they are to be considered scripts. They will need further research:

Archaic Miao Square Script, Asho Chin, Cacaxtla, Duota, Fakkham, Goya Kannadi, Izapa, Jing, Kaminaljuyu, Khamyang, Lik Hto Ngouk, Old Khmer, Old Mon, Pale, Palaung, Rakhawunna, Rencong, Savara, Tajin, Takalik Abaj, Thai Nithet, Thai Noi (Lao Buhan), Thai Yo(r), Tula, Toto, Vinca.

If you have any reliable information on any of these elements please contact Dr. Deborah Anderson at Department of Linguistics, SEI, UC Berkeley, USA: